Parking Application
  • Parking ticket generation with or without barcode
  • In-gate/out-gate entry with vehicle details
  • Out-Gate extra amount tracking
  • Smart Card based system
  • Integrated monthly pass system
  • Shift wise/operator wise/day wise report
  • Fool proof method to avoid theft/misuse of vehicles/money
  • Web based integrated solution for online tracking
  • User friendly methodology to update masters & tariff
  • Suitable for multiplex, shopping malls, auditorium, institutions etc.
Bus Ticketing
  • Provides flexible and reliable platform for portable ticket issue
  • Reduces the opportunities for misuse
  • Speedy process to issue tickets
  • Fully portable and lightweight, ideal for Conductors
  • Stage updates at the press of a button
  • Suitable for mobile ticketing in all weather conditions
  • Shift wise / day wise report
  • Quality thermal printer no need for ink bobbins
Retail Automation
  • Change of price w.r.t market on daily basis
  • Inventory consumption tracking
  • Tagging of products through barcode, RFID tag
  • Integration of pos with weighing machine for accuracy billing suitable for vegetable / grocery shops
  • Item wise sale / stock status
  • Supporting to forecast of demands
  • Day wise cash reports
  • Improve lost prevention
  • Customized application / report on any levels with online tracking
  • Tax ,discounts can be included as required
  • Suitable for Grocery/vegetable shops, Bakery, Books & stationery, Fast Foods, Footwear, Apparels & Jewellery management
Van Sales/Goods Distribution
  • Instant bill to customers with item details
  • Efficient Route Management
  • No paper work
  • No back office work
  • Quick Order execution
  • Reduced manual order entry errors
  • Increase in Salesperson productivity
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduction in sales process cycle time
  • Online tracking of Sales through GPRS
  • Suitable for soft drink, FMCG, Pharmacy distribution
Event Ticketing Application
  • Customized tickets based upon events like movie, amusement park, sporting event and many entertainment venues
  • Entry tickets tracked through barcode system
  • Works on batch and online mode
  • Tickets can be purchased from any location by this application
  • Reduced manual errors
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Online tracking
Utility Payment Collection
  • Instant receipts upon collection of cash
  • Scalable, with central dashboard admin.Of remote wireless device.
  • Arresting manual frauds at any level
  • Easy tracking of customer data
  • Reduced manual errors
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Online tracking
  • Suitable for cable TV rental, Microfinance, postpaid bill collections
Other applications
  • Warehouse Management
  • Industrial Automation
  • Labour Management
  • Fleet Tracking Management
  • Shop Floor Automation
  • RFID, Barcode solutions